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The Centre for Poetics and Justice


The Centre for Poetics and Justice (CPJ) is a community organisation based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to the integration of poetics and social transformation. Those involved are all practitioners in the poetic art form who have a desire to see our world become a better place. The purpose of CPJ is to create new access points into literary education and encourage social awareness for young people through spoken word poetry workshops and events. The Centre fosters a a safe space where young people are empowered to recognise the power of their own voice and story and become socially and poetically aware and active citizens. CPJ aims to create a platform for justice-focussed social dialogue through the running and supporting of poetic events whose aim is to better society. CPJ via its facilitators /professional spoken word poets and educators conducts emerging voices workshops in schools and indigenous communities, youth, community and juvenile detention centres. CPJ is a collaborator on Poetic License.