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2014 Poetic License

2,500 years ago Slam Poetry was born. 

 3 Outer Urban Projects Poetic License Poster

Poetic License is inspired by Aristophanes’ Ancient Greek comic masterpiece ‘The Frogs’.

A god descends to the underworld to resurrect a dead poet back to life to save the city from war and ruin. Today the need has again arisen.

An impressive cross-generational ensemble of writers and performers riff off the ancient and contemporary, classical and street, cajoling and combative, in a salon style underworld to wrangle the timeless question – can the spoken word really move and inspire. Can it change anything? 

“Outer Urban Projects… delivers a successful platform for disparate and often unheard voices with a performative aplomb that speaks eloquently to a sophisticated, Melbourne theatre audience.” 

Leonard Miller | Melbourne. Art. Fashion.


Poets, Performers and Musicians

Director - Irine Vela

Dante Sofra

Ebony MonCrief

Grace Vanilau

Ileini Kabalan

Irine Vela

Kevin Nugara | Spitfire

Komninos Zervos

Koraly Dimitriadis

Mahmoud Samoun | Babz

Mulaim Vela

Natalia Mann - Solo Harp

Pacalia Latra

Production Manager - Noel Jordan             

Consultant Dramaturg - Maryanne Lynch

Costume Designer - Amanda Clarke

Lighting Designer - Gina Gascoigne

Poetic License premiered in the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival and has been restaged by Darebin Arts at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre in 2015.  

Developed with support from: Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne – Signal Youth Space and the Moreland City Council Community Grants Program.

1 Babz Licesnse Best PicMahmoud Samoun | Babz and Ileini Kabalan on guitar 

4 Kevin Nugara Poetic License Best Pic7Kevin Nugara | SpitFire 
6 Group shot Poetic Licesnse est Pic5From left, Mahmoud Samoun | Babz, Kevin Nugara | Spitfire, Pascal Latra, Dante Sofra, Ileini Kabalan, Komninos Zervos, Ebony MonCrief, Grace Vanilau, Koraly Dimitriadis  


Poetic License was restaged again in 2015 with Darebin Arts at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre 

Support Acts: Outer Urban Projects Gospel and Hip Hop quartet blending Maori and Pacific Islander influences with sisters Fakaoho and Tangata Paea Tupou with cousins Ruci Ucu and Joanne Kaisila.  The Outer Urban Projects string quartet led by Natasha Hanna and sought after MC, Beatbox rap artist Yung Philly.