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Zone 2 Linkages

The Linkages Program aims to support and generate a culturally diverse northern wave of new artists, arts workers and creative producers, assisting and supporting them to overcome social, cultural, economic and educational barriers. Linkages is the referral and ‘plug in’ program within Outer Urban Projects that assesses and directs young people into internal and external creative and vocational opportunities. Linkages uses two key approaches.

Artistic and business management up-skill:Foxy and Ta SFW

Getting new and emerging artists together with high calibre artist/tutor/mentors and industry professionals so they can work with them on their specific art form in teaching and learning settings. From an ongoing Saturday session at a professional dance studio to work on a contemporary dance approach, an OUP master class with a guest rapper/lyricist to supporting a young person to have the confidence to join the Zone2 Dance, Music, Text tutorials, through to application and audition process for a tertiary performing arts school interstate or overseas. It’s also about mentoring young people in developing creative relationships, collaborating with organisations and companies, working across genres and different artistic settings, contexts and scales be they community, mainstream or a hybrid of the two. This up-skill is also about developing their understanding of the arts as work, as a contractual exchange, and could involve assisting them into an arts management course at the local TAFE or working with them to approach a major arts company for an artistic or producing attachment.New2Art Dance 2 SFW

Key work roles in OUP projects/attachments and work on external projects with Outer Urban Projects partners:

Placing young artists into key roles in projects and activities on all Outer Urban Projects and with OUP partners. These new artists and arts workers are imbedded into all OUP projects and budgets large or small and one off gigs and workshops, placing the these young artists amongst the action with adequate support and redressing the glaring inequity of an arts industry dominated by emerging artists and artists from far more privileged backgrounds. This is the interface that OUP has with young people from the outer north who are hungry for the stepping stones to a career but are living in houses, going to schools, coming from families that do not have access, financial backup or automatic entitlement to make the leap into the arts. Linkages bridges this gap on the ground.

Akimera Burckhardt 2 SFW

“On behalf of Foxy (my sister) and I, we love working in the OUP projects. Because we are a part of projects that are not only beneficial for our performance skills but our social skills. Our love for music is so strong and this gives us an opportunity to share it with others. What we got out of the Poetic Licence (event) at Signal this year (2013) was there are so many ways of collaborating music and how we can express ourselves through music. We just want to do more." - Ta Tupou, age 16. OUP Emerging Artist, Linkages, Zone2 Text and Music Tutorials. 

To connect with the Linkages program at OUP contact Leah Healy on 03 9650 2521 or email leah@outerurbanprojects.org